The company Dizajnbiro exists and has been continuously operating since 1985. The company started working as Independent craft shop "Studio 55" and changed its status and name with legal regulations changing in the field of regulation of business entities in the Republic of Serbia. In 1990 changed its name to Dizajnbiro. The original, ie. over many years activity of the company was graphic design and production of all kinds of printed needs for hundreds of companies in the past period. The company has rapidly expanded its operations to the region, so for the past 30 years it has been working continuously in the area of three-border region of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Owner Vladan Marković

The owner of the company, Vladan Marković, is an industrial designer and for 28 years he worked as the chief designer of industrial design in the FAP Development Department on the development of commercial vehicles: trucks and buses. Huge work experience, using and knowledge of various technologies in processing various materials, designing various parts and assemblies, supervision of design and implementation of constructed elements until the first installation and release into the series ... it all decided that the company in the first project task for tactile products, which is the production of Orientation Plans with the Braille Letter, to engage in design, to conquer and in the end to very successfully perform this task.

It is very important to note that the company received all the first project tasks for tactile products from its many years user of services: "Tehnogradnja" d.o.o. Pljevlja. This way, we would like to thank "Tehnogradnja" for the trust shown.

Tactile products

The first introductions to the Rulebook on accessibility of facilities for persons with special needs pointed to the seriousness and the need to make tactile products that will be functional, harmonized with the Rulebooks from the region, easy for embedding, stable in exploitation and aesthetically acceptable ... and we have succeeded in doing so. Many acknowledgments and references that have been made so far are testament to this.

It is important to note that all products: tactile paths (outer, inner), orientation plans, door markings and accessibility signs are actually a unique set of informatics and signalization covered by the Rulebooks on the adaptation of facilities for persons with special needs. Orientation plans serve to inform about the arrangement of rooms and their purpose, tactile paths serve for the independent movement of blind and sandblind persons through the object based on the orientation plan, door signs with the Braille letter serve to inform the person about her movement status or that she has reached desired destination in the facility, accessibility signs provide information on the adaptability of certain parts of the facility to certain categories of people with special needs (blind, deaf, immobile people in wheelchairs, old people, pregnant women, etc.).

designer Vladan Marković