Accessibility signs

Accessibility signs

Accessibility signs are defined by the Rulebook and are placed in certain places in order to provide simple visual information about the purpose, ie, the purpose and scope of the parts of facility... Accessibility signs provide information about the adaptability of certain parts of the facility to certain categories of people with special needs (blind persons, facial dumbbells, immobile persons in wheelchairs, elderly people, pregnant women, etc.). They are placed in precisely determined places according to the architectural plan of the floor.

The dimensions and colors of each accessibility sign, as well as the type of material from which they are made, are determined in relation to:

  • the background to which the sign is placed,
  • the design of the interior and / or exterior space and
  • the distance from which a person with a disability can spot the mark.
In decreasing and / or increasing of individual accessibility sign, the ratio (proportions) of the graphic elements of the sign can not be changed, but the sign is performed in accordance with the examples in this image.

Considering the recommendations and on the basis of applied solutions, our company makes the following accessibility signs formats:

  • format 15x15cm on a foam compact plate ≠ 3mm for indoor spaces,
  • format 20x20cm on aluminum sheet ≠ 1mm for outdoor spaces and
  • format 60x60 cm on aluminum sheet ≠ 2mm, in the form of a traffic sign with reflective foil, with metal needles for the bearing pole. It is used to designate parking spaces for persons with special needs and mainly refers to the sign OP-1.24

Accessibility signs for the interior spaces of the building are glued with a two-sided adhesive 3M mounting band of exceptional strength, resistance and durability in exploitation. Mounting is simple, by removing the protective film from the assembly band, gluing it on a clean and degreased surface.

Accessibility signs for outdoor spaces, on aluminum sheet, mounting depending on the surface: gluing, screwing or fixing on the pillar by clouts in the outer space.

For faster and simpler montage, the signs are grouped according to the purpose of the space, according to the drawings from the architectural plan.